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Fertilizing Garlic

Fertilizers and Fertilizing

There is a lot of information out there about fertilizers, however, most comes from the companies that manufacture them. We've learned most farms use some type of compost, manure or products like blood meal or fish emulsion. All have their individual benefits and all have different costs. Your soil test should help you determine the type of deficiencies in your soil. From there, you can determine which type of fertilizer is best. We are lucky to have an acceptable percentage of nitrogen in our soil, so we use additives to help our garlic grow throughout the year.

Another way to help amend your soil and the impact of growing and harvesting garlic is the use of cover crops. We utilize these in the off season or when we rotate crops to replace nitrogen. As mentioned before, we prefer to use buckwheat, clover, rye, or mustard grass. All of these are considered acceptable green manure crops.