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Gourmet Garlic

Luff Farms produces six types of Gourmet Garlic (Asian Tempest, Chesnok Red, German White, German Red, Majestic, Music). Medicinal Benefits of Garlic

Asian Tempest


This hardneck garlic features generally large bulbs with fat cloves and packs a punch if eaten raw, but cooked it develops an intriguing sweet and tangy flavor akin to sweet pepper. Great with stir fry, chicken or pork dishes.

Chesnok Red


Excellent for cooking, holding its flavor and offering a distinctive, lingering taste. Chesnok Red is the sweetest roasting garlic; it doesn't just taste garlicky, it tastes sweet. Perfect in Garlic Ice Cream!

German White


German White has a strong, robust and long lasting flavor. Being a Porcelain garlic, it can be hot when raw, but mellows upon cooking. Good for pesto or hummus; and has a great nutty taste when caramelized.

German Red


This golden garlic adds aromatic flavor to stews, vegetables, and wild game. German Red has a unique flavor that stands out in a dish without overwhelming other flavors. A great garlic for roasting or use in crockpot cooking.



One of the mildest flavored Porcelain garlics and is great served raw in salads. It is also good for stir fry as it does not have an overwhelming aroma. It's perfect for those people that are sensitive to strong garlic.



It has a very rich taste with medium heat, but is spicy raw. It mellows to a balanced flavor when cooked. It also has a very high content of Allicin, which researchers believe is high in antioxidants.